A.I. Lovers, Customer Centric, Dedication and Experience. This is Esosphera

People are at the heart of our solutions. We work to answer to the need to reduce costs and save time for companies and provide an efficient and engaging service to end users.

We are ambitious.
We imagine innovative projects and ad-hoc integrations for large companies
Integration + Relationship Tech + Care
Esosphera works together with its customers to help them to better manage their relationship with their users. We do this by creating intuitive solutions, available anytime and anywhere
AI + Humanity Automation + Time
We value people’s own time.
We want to value the time people spend doing the things they most love, helping them to do what they need to do quickly
Centro Studi Esosphera
Guardare al futuro in modo analitico
La passione è il nostro ingrediente segreto: il nostro lavoro, i nostri sogni e personalità rendono unica Esosphera e danno un’anima ai servizi che sviluppiamo, perché in un mondo di tecnologie le persone fanno la differenza.

Our partners are our strength. Join the Esosphera team

People are the heart and soul of Esosphera

Over the years, we have created and carefully nurtured a sustainable and professionally challenging environment.

Francesco Rienzi
CEO & Sales and Strategy
Federica Spinella
Customer Success Manager
Marco Danzo
Senior NLP Developer
Alberto Zanon
Cloud Software Solutions Architect
Andrea Tognon
Sales Account - Automotive Project Leader
Marzio Tocchetto
CEO & Chief Experience Officer
Davide Navarro
Senior AI Developer
Lisa Bizzotto
Accounting Manager
Nicole Alberton
Customer Success Specialist
Davide Scapin
Senior Developer
Denis Gasparin
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Marco Bonel
Sales & Marketing Executive
Alessandro Bergamin
Sales Account
Enrico Piva
PHP Developer
Giorgia De Marchi
Customer Success Specialist
Paolo Baron
Telephony Software Engineer
Andrea Cardin
NLP & Backend PHP Developer
Chiara Campagnolo
Secretarial Services
Alberto Adami
NLP Developer
Dario Pinton
PHP Developer
Matteo Brandolino
NLP & Frontend Web Developer
Francesco Loat
Business Intelligence Analyst
Denisa Kadriu
Digital Marketing Specialist
Alberto Pierobon
Junior Backend Developer
Alessandra Anzivino
Sales Account
Sara Maso
Customer Success Specialist
Pietro Cancian
Sales Account
Ilaria Bevilacqua
Customer Success Manager & Pre-sales
Matteo Capuano
Devops Specialist
Davide Serra
Web Developer
Roberta Volpi
Head of Travel & Hospitality
Sofia Boschello
Admin Executive
Giovanna Meneghin
Customer Success Specialist
Arianna Toniolo
Web Developers
Sergio Allushaj
Content Manager
Matteo Magro
Web Developer
Nicola Dal Bianco
Customer Success Specialist
Stefano Giuriati
Head of Automotive

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In a world of technology, people make a difference.