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More than 100 companies

Gaia contacts your customers by phone, text messages, WhatsApp, email, Alexa, Facebook and more …

Gaia can answer or call your customers 24/7, establishing effective communication with its sophisticated conversational technology designed for the Italian and international markets.

Sets appointments and requires confirmation. No more no-shows.

Gaia organises your calendar efficiently. Within minutes, it can call your contacts to make an appointment, check the confirmation and record the answers in your agenda.

Gaia collects information and attachments. Automates lead qualification

Whatever channel the customer uses to communicate with your business, Gaia records the information you need – contact data, attachments, appointments, and more – and collects it all in a single environment.

Seamless integration with the leading CRMs and management systems

Large account
Studi professionali

Developed in Italian, available in all languages


Gaia can communicate clearly and effectively with all your customers. Designed and developed in English, French and Polish, as well as Italian, Gaia can be customised in any language for a worldwide application


Vocabulary specific to your business


Gaia adapts to your needs using vocabulary specific to your business. Try the demo to test it now!


Outbound + Inbound


Whatever the contact channel, Gaia can answer incoming requests or proactively call all your customers

Try Gaia, you will be amazed

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